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Anduro & The Digital Asset Summit

Anduro team attended DAS in London, noting high energy and innovation in the digital economy. They presented ALYS, a Bitcoin-centric sidechain merging Bitcoin's security with Ethereum's programmability, garnering interest. ALYS aims to tokenize Real World Assets (RWAs), leveraging Bitcoin's security. Institutions are eager but cautious about digital assets; ALYS aims to address their concerns. Anduro plans to launch ALYS to bridge traditional finance with the digital economy.

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The Anduro team had the pleasure of attending the Digital Asset Summit “DAS” in London hosted by Blockworks. We were pleasantly surprised with the elevated levels of energy, innovation, and bullish predictions for the future of the digital economy. Entities from small to large institutions along with startups and retail players gathered in the heart of London to portray use-case visions for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Like many attendees, our focus was on discussing crypto, particularly Bitcoin. Anduro's vision is a Bitcoin-centric path to blockchain mass adoption. At DAS, we articulated how we intend to affect that change via ALYS, a public Bitcoin sidechain tailored for institutional use cases. ALYS merges Bitcoin's secure consensus with Ethereum's next-gen programmability.

What struck us was the level of intrigue demonstrated. Bitcoin is often a remote concept in cross-chain digital economy events. Yet, when presenting the potential of Alys to various infrastructure players, investors, startups, and others, there was keen interest. Upon elucidating the benefits of leveraging Bitcoin’s security, most individuals were excited to put plans into action and begin their Bitcoin journey.

Alys and RWA Tokens

For years, institutional players have been inundated with pitches from various emerging technologies like L1s, L2s, sidechains, rollups, and the like. While much of this tech is cutting edge, it remains unfamiliar, and the market was historically not ready for integration. Bitcoin has consistently been at the forefront of the digital asset narrative since its inception. Hence, it seems self-evident that we leverage this brand to offer productization and broad RWA, or otherwise known as Real World Assets, tokenization for institutions on Alys.

At DAS, RWA tokens generated significant discussion. Many now recognize the advantages of RWA tokenization pilots. RWA tokenization is currently poised to enter a synergistic phase of implementation. Utilizing Bitcoin’s security could enhance these transactions through its PoW consensus. Hence, assets suitable for tokenization on Bitcoin are those necessitating elevated levels of security and immutability.

Anduro's Bitcoin-centric vision has the potential to bridge the gap between curiosity and implementation across the traditional financial world. Institutions possess valuable assets, and speakers at DAS repeatedly emphasized Bitcoin is the gold standard for blockchains. Therefore, why should digital representations of the world's most valuable assets live anywhere other than the world's premier blockchain, Bitcoin?

Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets

If DAS taught us anything, it is that TradFi is ready to set the foundation for digital asset implementation, but not without hesitancy. This industry has faced projects with obscure tokens, code vulnerabilities, and fraudulent players. Bitcoin, in turn, offers robust security and regulatory clarity. Since ALYS counts with a Bitcoin-pegged native asset, this Anduro chain is best poised to capture wary, risk-averse institutional demand.

Seeing as these principles resonated with other conference-goers, the Anduro team is excited to continue to work toward an open testnet and mainnet. The goal is to bring ALYS to the masses and provide the most Bitcoin-native sidechain to institutions.

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