May 14


Circling the Globe for Bitcoin: Anduro's Worldwide Conference Tour Continues

This past month, the Anduro team has been on the move, traversing continents and engaging with the global blockchain community.

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This past month, the Anduro team has been on the move, traversing continents and engaging with the global blockchain community. Our travel took us to some of the most prestigious events in the industry, from the Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference in Hong Kong to NFT NYC, Paris Blockchain Week, Blockchain Life, and Token 2049 in Dubai. At each conference, we aimed to test narratives for Anduro’s multi-chain thesis, highlight potential applications that are on the horizon, and expand the collaborations for upcoming pilots.

The Anduro team believes in leading with value propositions and technology rather than Total Value Locked ("TVL"). Remaining global has been crucial for us, as we believe that the path to product-market fitness can come from anywhere in the world.

NYC Themes

In New York City, we had the opportunity to meet with a top consulting firm to discuss a collaboration on a hackathon. Additionally, we were special guests at a top Ordinals party, where we witnessed firsthand the impact of Slipstream within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Hong Kong Themes

Our experience in Hong Kong was eye-opening. We observed that Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions in China are vibrant and hyper-competitive. Most are razor focused on zk technology, but the ecosystems behind these new chains felt nebulous. Interestingly, we found that competitor chains see the value in benefiting from Anduro's security as it is guaranteed by the Blockchain, something that could help boost credibility and adoption. We also conversed about the future of Anduro sidechains with varying virtual machines.

Paris Themes

In Paris, we delved into the world of gaming on Bitcoin, realizing that it involves loyalty in much the same way we envision with Amuse Bouche, a loyalty application being built on Anduro. We also developed partnerships for a big summertime mainnet launch and deepened our relationship with an RWA pilot partner involved in real estate equity.

Dubai Themes

Our journey concluded in Dubai, where we explored the possibility of payments on Bitcoin with top stablecoins, especially for e-commerce payments. We found that DEPIN is fragmented and concentrated in Solana, but Bitcoin has the potential to bring scale and credibility to this industry. Additionally, we noted that the Runes frenzy was short-lived thus further highlighting the need for Bitcoin sidechains.

Our worldwide tour has been incredibly rewarding, providing us with valuable use-case insights, forging new partnerships, and reaffirming our commitment to revolutionizing and expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we remain dedicated to building fresh use cases that focus on market needs and build upon Bitcoin’s unique appeal and security.

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